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International Transport
International Transport

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How to buy?

Our e-shop it isn´t possible to switch into foreign languages, so here are easy help in pictures how to buy aright ...



Product choosing - if you want to translate product description and measures use http://translate.google.com or contact us on e-mail akce-moda.cz@seznam.cz


How choose right size?


length from shoulder A
width armpit B
width at the waist B2
width of bottom hem (you can adit) B3
sleeve length from shoulder C
sleeve length from neck C2
sleeve length from armpit D












width at the waist A
width at the hips A2
leg length from waist B
leg length from crotch B2
height of the front sit C
height of the rear seat C2
width of the leg D











Transport and paymant choosing - select to which country you want to transport your order and next select paymant on account (other way of international paymant isn´t possible).

If you have voucher code please fill in it.

If you want still to choose next products click on "continue shopping".



Fill in delivery informations, agreement with terms and conditions of sale and confirm your order.

If you want still to choose next products or still something to change click on "back to card".


Now your order is received and it is now being processed.

Soon you receive paymant information on you e-mail.

After your payment acception delivery time from Czech Republic to you will be probably about 5-20 working days.

Should you have any queries about delivery of your order, please email akce-moda.cz@seznam.cz


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